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Align Tight Muscles Through Economical Foam Roller

March 12th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Foam Roller

The most prevalent injuries observed among long time runners are muscle knots often called trigger points. These types of injuries are frequently experienced in the front and back of the thighs, the hip region and outside of the thigh, termed as IT band.

Quite possibly the most recommended method to remove and avoid muscle knot is the use of foam roller. The roller is actually a firm foam log that is commonly 12 inches in length and six inches across. By using your own weight and a cylindrical it is possible to execute a self massage. This step will break up trigger points and relieve tight fascia while improving blood flow and circulation towards the soft tissues.

For various reasons such as physical inactivity, not enough stretching or injuries, the fascia also called the connective tissue below the skin and the underlying muscle tissues can become stuck together. This is muscular adhesion and it leads to limited muscle movement. Furthermore, it causes soreness, pain and reduced flexibility.

A good way to approach a bothersome muscle knot is applying direct pressure. An expert massage therapist can correctly apply pressure to break up and soothe muscle knots. Normally, it will require several treatment sessions to remedy a muscle knot. The use of a roller is surely an alternative to multiple massage sessions. It is undoubtedly an inexpensive, yet very effective approach to address and prevent normal muscle injuries. These rollers can be obtained at fitness equipment outlets.

Using a foam roller is easy, you can target virtually any muscle group, but certain areas may take a little practice and body contortion. Position the body with the sore muscle area over the roller; the body weight produces pressure that massages the tight spot in the fascia. Regulate the pressure by putting on more or less weight on the roller. Experiment with different positions to check out what works to suit your needs.

Before using a roller, check with your health care professional. Roller exercise is not advised for those who have heart or vascular disease and chronic pain condition. Do roller sessions when your muscle groups are relaxed or immediately after a good workout. Roll backwards and forwards over the painful or tight area for 60 seconds, but dedicate extra time over the muscle knot. Roll over the impaired area for two to 3 times per day.

For protection against injuries, roller workout is advised two to three times per week. Refrain from rolling directly over bones and joints since it can cause pain. First couple of roller sessions ought to be short, about fifteen minutes. Drink a lot of water after a session to replace the lost fluid during the exercise.

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