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Answering the Big Question: Is Smart Lipo a Better Choice than Liposuction?

June 17th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Until recently, liposuction had been regarded as the best way to remove unwanted fat, in large amounts, in one go. However, the latest fat removal procedure, Smart Lipo, is luring an increasing number of people away from liposuction. You should consider the differences between the two methods and their suitability to your situation before deciding the one you would go for.

In liposuction, small cuts are made in the body area being treated, and after breaking down the fat via a long tube, the dissolved fat in the adipose tissue is sucked out through these cuts. In this method, incisions made are bigger than in Smart Lipo and hence it is suggested to people who are looking to get bigger body parts treated. In liposuction, general anaesthesia is administered and a days stay at the clinic is generally needed.

Smart Lipo, on the other hand, is a newer version of liposuction that uses laser technology to break down the tissue. Lasers and similar techniques are beginning to replace the scalpel. Human error can easily creep in during a liposuction procedure, which can lead to some damage to the area under treatment. Such a situation cannot arise with Smart Lipo.

Smart Lipo should certainly be preferred over liposuction in cases where the area under treatment is small and difficult to access, like the chin, as cuts made are smaller and they recover quickly. It is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient can leave the clinic half an hour after the completion of the treatment.

Liposuction and Smart Lipo both require a patient to be free from health problems such as diabetes, blood related diseases, skin problems and liver and heart malfunction. In any case, you must opt for these treatments only after a doctors approval - surf to thermage UK for further details on this topic area.

Negligence in maintaining the new fat free body should not creep in after undergoing these treatments. The treatment does not guarantee that you will remain in your new figure forever, unless you exercise and change your diet to a healthier one.

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