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Are Ab Toning Belts The Answer For Washboard Abs?

August 1st, 2011 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Crunches are still a few of the greatest exercises to stimulate and tone your ab muscles into a sexy six pack, but for many of us we’d love to discover an option.

Obviously there is no magic pill or shake we can drink or take to define our abs, but you will find new medical grade devices coming to the market that may help.

Abdominal belts are used as soon as each day and work utilizing a technologies known as electronic muscle stimulation to contract the abdominal muscles up to 150 times during just one session. This flexing is similar to just what occurs whenever you personally carry out a sit-up or a crunch. The difference is you do not really have to do the action.

Just how do they work?

An ab belt is worn about your abdominal region and is usually created of a cloth like material. They are worn directly against the skin and usually have small gel pads that press directly against your abdominal region.

Electronic muscle stimulation operates by sending a current through the nerves which causes the muscles all about the abdominal region to contract. This movement is similar to performing a ab crunch and when carried out consistently produces very similar outcomes.

Are they really Secure?

Electronic muscle stimulation technologies used in Ab Belts is very similar to what physiotherapists use for muscle stimulation every day in doctors offices, hospitals and clinics about the globe. The technologies is proven safe with minimal to no side effects.

While you’ll really feel a experience while wearing an abdominal belt it’s not to a level where it should hurt or cause pain. Also the level of current that’s sent through your body to contract the ab muscles is very minimal.

What should I expect?

Ab Belts aren’t weight loss devices. So if you have a inch or two of fat around your belly and over your abdominal muscles you are going to require to modify your diet plan, drink plenty of water and perform daily cardio exercise to help burn that off.

If your stomach muscles are visible now then an ab belt can help define and tone your abdominal muscles with consistent daily use.

The great part is that you can perform the action while watching Television, doing home work or reading a book.

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