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As You Begin Your Bodybuilding, Pay Attention To These Vital Suggestions

February 23rd, 2013 · No Comments · Build Muscle

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There are plenty of great benefits of getting into bodybuilding, which explains why it has increased in popularity recently. Firstly, bodybuilding can help you lose weight and also stay the same weight. It’s also good for stopping depression as well as decreasing the risk of you developing many different diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and also cancer. People tend to make mistakes due to wrong information which means they end up quitting before they’ve really started. After reading the following advice in this article you’ll want to get down to the gym all the time to do weight training.

If you are a beginning bodybuilder it’s important to realize that what you eat may be more important than your workout system. As a matter of fact, whether you are “bulking up” your muscles or looking for the ripped lean-muscle definition, you will have a difficult time if you don’t follow the correct diet. If you are thinking about trying to gain weight to add muscle mass at the same time as eating to get lean muscle definition, you won’t succeed. The two phases, getting ripped and bulking up, are just the opposite. The first step is to bulk up. You need to increase your muscle mass. To do this, you must eat a lot of foods. Your daily calories should equal about 15 - 20 times what your weight is. You have to eat less than your RMR (resting metabolic rate) so you don’t burn calories when you sleep. When your muscle mass is where you want it, albeit not clearly defined, you would go on a lower calorie “cutting” regimen which is very different, as far as what you can eat, than the bulk up phase was. Remember, though, that a bulking diet should be clean for the best results, in other words it can’t consist of burgers and ice cream. For this stage of your training, you will need to include more complex carbohydrates in your eating plan than during the cutting phase. Also extremely important are lean protein and a variety of vegetables and fruits. If you eat about one gram of lean protein for every pound you weigh, you will be right on target. Fats, like flax oil, olive oil, salmon oil and animal fats should make up around a quarter of your daily calorie intake. Fats really aren’t bad for you! Your overall health will suffer if you eliminate fats or limit your fat intake to a very low level because fats are needed by your body for many different processes. Fats can help you to feel full up and therefore help you attain your dream body. This is because fats are burnt off for energy slowly.

Exercises that use multiple muscle groups are recommended for gaining muscle mass quickly. By doing isolation movements you’ll only be working out slow twitch fibers, which boost endurance rather than mass, so you should try doing bench press, dead lifts and squats to add on the most mass. So, you should ensure that your workout routine includes as many compound exercises as possible to maximize your returns from the time spent in the gym. You should also keep track of your progress because when you start reaching a plateau you’ll need to spice things up again.

Aside from gaining large muscles, you will notice an increase in your popularity, a reduction of your stress, and an ability to stay healthy and well. You need to start today in order to begin to change your life in a positive way through bodybuilding.

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