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June 4th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Welcome to the brand new Caversham Fitness Club primarily based in Christchurch Meadows, Caversham. Their outdoor fitness sessions are held on the grass just next to the river Thames. Run by fitness boot camp business, Peak XV Fitness, the exercise enthusiasts meet four times a week for an hour at a time.

The sessions are mainly attended by ladies but guys are welcome to join. Participants join for a month and can attend as many sessions as they like in that time. The sessions are lead by Peak XV fitness’s group of skilled fitness instructors who put the group members through their paces.

The challenging sessions usually begin with a thorough warm up and a series of stretches. This can last ten or fifteen minutes as it can take this amount of time for the muscles to warm up in preparation for the vigorous exercise routines to follow. The session then moves into a circuit training format with participants put through a series of kettle bell and body weight exercise routines to test their stamina and muscular endurance. The group members especially enjoy this element as they get to play with the “toys” and frequently get the opportunity to work with a partner.

The 3rd part of the session is the dreaded running drills and this is arguably the toughest part of the exercise session. With group members currently fatigued from the circuit segment the instructors encourage the group through a series of sprint drills coupled with quick rest periods! The sprints differ in distance from short, sharp twenty metre sprints to longer two hundred metre runs. Along with getting people really fit these varieties of exercise routines can be really nauseating to the uninitiated. This is triggered by the production of lactic acid in the muscle tissues which brings about the sickness feeling and requires a little while to get used to.

If people survive this high intensity segment then they are rewarded with a well earned and gentle cool down and stretch out to finish the session. This final segment entails gently stretching the muscle tissues which have been utilised in the course of the session and progressively returning them to their regular length whilst trying to lessen post exercise muscle soreness.

Regular member, Clare Atkins, says,” I’ve been coming to the Reading Fitness Club with Peak XV Fitness for virtually six months now and I absolutely love it. Each and every session is distinct and we always have a new challenge. The coaches are truly great at motivating us all and the other group members motivate each other to get the most out of each and every workout. I’ve lost a good bit of weight but I’ve mainly altered body shape and toned up after all these sessions – I’d highly recommend the course to anyone.”

For more information about the Caversham Fitness Club and how to get a cost-free week with Peak XV Fitness then go to their internet site.

Places are filling up quick ahead of the summer season so don’t miss out on your place at the Caversham Fitness Club.

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