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Commercial Gym Equipment Overview: The Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Centre

July 30th, 2011 · No Comments · Build Muscle

If you happen to be a fitness fanatic who’s frustrated with putting up with inexpensive, shoddy built fitness gear, you might want to reflect on acquiring some Commercial Gym Equipment. Even though it’s indisputably more pricey, equipment like this is remarkably heavy-duty and extremely useful. If you utilise a superior machine, you receive more enhanced workouts. The outcome is that if you are exercising more wisely, you obtain optimal advantages in the least amount of time. If you’re willing to spend between £1000 and £1500, there are plenty of choices. One machine we like quite a lot comes from the popular Body-Solid brand: the GCDD200 functional training centre.

Commercial Gym Equipment: Key Features of the Body-Solid GDCC200

A main component of the GDCC200 is that it has a space-saving design and it is excellent for use in places where space is a prime factor. This equipment gives an almost infinite range of motion and extraordinary adaptability. An aspect which is particularly well-liked by us is the dual independent weight stack system which promotes accurate isolateral movements by posing intense resistance. A successful exercise programme lots of times dwells on core stability training. The benefits of this type of regimen include improved coordination, stability and balance. The GDCC features an enormous variety of exercises that promote and aid core training.

Commercial Gym Equipment: Additional Information on the Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Centre

One aspect that really delights us concerning this machine is the various limitless planes of motion which very much imitate natural movements. The combination of interchangeable cable handles with ergonomically designed adjustments on this well-engineered piece of commercial gym equipment allows for literally hundreds of effective exercise movements. From our point of view, it is the perfect machine for enhancing endurance. With such attributes as precision-made elements and its space saving design, the GDCC200 is offered at a fantastic price. Priced at about £2000, this machine certainly isn’t inexpensive, but we’re certain you won’t regret investing in your health and fitness. Some of these exercises are pull-ups, cable crossovers, kickbacks and shoulder pressers. The end results will include greater stamina and more vigour.

Commercial Gym Equipment: A Few Specifications of the Body-Solid GDCC200

Included with the GDCC is a robust vertical carriage system which applies super sturdy and effective fibreglass durable nylon pulleys and locking universal hook-up connections. The frame of the machine is made from commercial grade oval steel tubing with an industrial powder coat finish. The aircraft quality 4.8mm diameter cables are aircraft quality spun steel and designed to withstand even the hardest use. The machine features 20 diverse height changes. Also, it includes 180 degree cable positioning which presents friction-free resistance in each direction. There are (2) 73kg weight stacks, plus a dual position pull-up bar. This machine is packed with features and functions to support even the most ambitious fitness regimen. Here are some of the obtainable exercises: front deltoid raise, deltoid crossover, incline press, leg kickback, oblique crunch, shoulder press, one Arm row pull up, cable crossover, triceps extension, plus additional ones.

The Body-Solid GCDD200 functional training centre is a great piece of Commercial Gym Equipment for experts and novices alike.

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