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Fat Loss Factor | Great Program Or Scam?

January 2nd, 2013 · No Comments · Build Muscle

The Fat Loss Factor is a program offered with white board illustrations that reveals suggestions that help you rapidly obtain a flatter belly while still appreciating the meals you like. The plan was developed by board certified chiropractic doctor, certified health specialist, speaker, author and diet and nutrition expert Dr. Charles Livingston. This program enables you to download all materials promptly after paying.

The program is 12 weeks long and the website touts some testimonial pictures of those that have had excellent results. The program features information on effective nutrition and the sort of workout should attain quick and practical fat burning. A few of the benefits of this program feature fat reduction, reinforcing of the invulnerable system, much higher degrees of energy, sound sleep and decreased meals cravings.

Among the very first things to do on this program is a liver cleanse to get rid of toxins from the body and start fresh. In the course of the very first two weeks of the plan, you are asked for to eat organic and natural meals like fruits, veggies, raw nuts, raw seeds and beans. After the very first two weeks, you start following the routine program. The overall plan features 4 various actions to enduring fat burning featuring:.

Step 1: Cleaning your liver.
Step 2: Specific fat burning meals to eat; allow you to eat bad meals and still drop weight.
Step 3: Increase your fat lack with 15 moments of workout, three times every week without excess cardio.
Step 4: Learn the reason all diet plans fail and the Fat Loss Factor doesn’t.


• Boost your metabolic process.
• Learn how to burn additional fat doing less.
• Includes healthy diet and workout help.
• Works for women and guys.
• Several prior to and after pictures.
• Developed by a board certified specialist.


• Most specifics of the plan not available until after investment.
• Program with same name accessible from various creator which can trigger confusing.


Fat Loss Factor begins you out with a two week cleanse where you eat just organic and natural meals. This is done to detox your body and features meals like fruits, veggies, raw nuts, raw seeds and beans. The purpose of the detoxification is to do away with toxins, strengthen your invulnerable system, drop excess weight, increase energy, boost sleep and break any type of psychological ties with meals. Foods to prevent during the detoxification are meat, milk products, eggs, bread, grains, sugar and synthetic sugars. If you pick to do the extreme fat burning option, you quickly for at least three days. In the course of that quickly, you complete a professional cleanse with the aid of a lemonade drink that contains water, fresh lemon juice, maple glucose, cayenne pepper. After your preparatory two week stint on the detoxification component of the program, you transfer to the routine plan. Dr. Charles Livingstone program is based upon the following concepts:.

• Wash away fat by drinking water frequently.
• Do higher intensity period exercise in order that your body has to believe and adjust.
• Boost your metabolic process by doing durability exercise three times every week.
• Eat frequently with having small foods throughout the day.
• Learn exactly what meals you should prevent and which ones make the most of fat burning.

There are 5 meals that Dr. Charles discusses might be quiting your fat lack. He suggests you prevent these meals. The very first meals is bananas which are higher in sucrose. The riper the banana, the much higher it is in sucrose, also understood as table sugar. The 2nd meals to prevent is soy milk which contains estrogen-like substances. He also suggests that you prevent bread, which is contains higher quantities of developed white flour. You should prevent granola which is highlighted as healthy but is really higher in fats and fat. Finally, prevent farmed salmon which has additional PCB’s than wild captured salmon.

PCB’s are oily artificial chemicals generally utilized in electrical tools and as additives to decorate, plastics and other products. When starting the routine portion of the program, you will certainly be consuming meals like lean protein, reduced glycemic index carbohydrates, healthy fats and fresh fruits and veggies. It is suggested that you eat many of your fats early in the day, eat small foods frequently throughout the day, have one cheat day every week and drink numerous water.


In the course of the very first two weeks of the Fat Loss Factor program, you are recommended to spend 30 to 60 moments strolling. Exercise is suggested due to the fact that it enhances metabolic process, constructs and tones muscular tissues, lessens anxiety and enhances self-respect. In the course of the 12 week program you have various durability exercise schedules for novice, intermediary and innovative degrees of fitness. There are also some example 15 moment workouts consisted of for when you need promptly. The full size workouts take between 35 and 60 moments to complete and you do them three times every week starting.

For the shorter workouts, Fat Loss Factor advertises doing higher intensity period exercise to obtain your body burning fats around the timepiece. This sort of workout works and obtains results rapidly. It can also displace cardio workouts if you don’t have time to match in a full training.


Fat Loss Factor seems to supply some beneficial information but it is hard to inform precisely if it’s the plan for you prior to paying for it. There is also some complication as a result of there being two various programs by the same name but with two various creators. Eating entire and health foods while also participating in workout as Fat Loss Factor suggests is a excellent method to obtain in to form. The information provided in this program is solid and may most definitely cause fat burning and a healthier body.

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