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Fitness Equipment Overview: The Body-Solid GPM65 Pec Dec Machine

October 11th, 2011 · No Comments · Build Muscle

When are endeavour to purchase fitness equipment, there is much to think about. While it’s true you should have one or two general-purpose machines, such as a treadmill and stair stepper for cardiovascular training, you shouldn’t neglect strength training that will help you build lean muscle mass. If your muscles are leaner, you will spend more calories whether you are exercising or not. For every single pound of muscle in your body, you will spend six calories daily per hour. For each individual pound of fat in your body, you only use 2 calories daily per hour. According to Wikipedia, “An average adult male is made up of 42% of skeletal muscle and an average adult female is made up of 36% (as a percentage of body mass)”. So, isn’t it a rational thing to eliminate the body fat and change it to some lean muscle? Exercise equipment such as the Body-Solid GPM65 pec dec machine is deliberated to perform this task. Keep reading to find out more.

Fitness Equipment: Chief Attributes of the Body-Solid GPM65 Pec Dec Machine

The GPM65 is great for employment in a residential setting as it is made up of two different machines in a single compacted design. It is a well-put-together piece of equipment which stands alone and it uses plates for resistance. One aspect we truly favour is the machine’s double overhead cams that have adaptable resistance, thus letting the user move his or her arms separately. This provides considerable advantages to the chest, shoulder, and back muscles. There’s a good selection of independent range of motion adjustments that enable users to get a full stretch muscular workout. Its articulating pec dec arms work the pectoral and rear deltoid groups of muscles. The machine has a high weight capacity, so you aren’t likely to outgrow it as your fitness level and strength improve.

Fitness Equipment: Further Details Concerning the GPM65 Pec Dec Machine

The GPM65 has a frame which has been fashioned from very enduring, 5 x 5 high tensile steel. The tensile strength refers to the degree of force needed to make a material stretch out until the narrowing of its cross-section portion occurs; it is gauged in pounds per square inch (PSI). This equipment’s back pads and the seat are very thick for the ultimate comfort; still, there is no lacking of support. As the CPM65 machine’s entirely alterable, it can tolerate the size and weight of practically any user. The articulating arms provide unilateral or bilateral chest development. The machine’s dimensions are 81 x 71 x 165cm (L x W x H), and it weighs 43.5kg.

Fitness Equipment: In Reference to Body-Solid

Body-Solid is a premier company in the industry of fitness. The business constructs and markets premium fitness equipment for home and commercial application. Body-Solid’s scope of merchandise is outstanding; it is furthermore firmly grounded in the organisation’s 20 + years of expertise. Body-Solid has items that entail free weight machines, weight plates, dumbbells, fitness accessories, multi-station gyms, a full series of cardio products, and kettle bells.

For the most excellent in fitness equipment, the Body-Solid GPM65 pec dec machine warrants some serious consideration.

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