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Hard-Core Muscle Building - What Exactly Is The Job Of Dietary Fat?

November 6th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

The traditional approach to bodybuilding is to adhere to a diet that is very low in fat. However, a great deal of research has taken place over the years that clearly indicates the importance of dietary fat.

Daily intake of the right kinds of fats is just as important as protein or carbohydrates as part of a healthy diet. There have been some groundbreaking findings that are turning the world of bodybuilding on its end, and bodybuilders everywhere are finding themselves working out under a new set of rules. How you integrate this new wisdom in your overall lifestyle really depends on where you are and where you want to go with your fitness goals.

Even for general health, speaking of non-bodybuilders, it has been recommended for years to avoid eating highly saturated fats. Saturated fats are solid at room temp and are derived from animal fats. Now you are an expert at recognizing and avoiding large quantities of saturated fats. There are biochemical reasons why your body needs cholesterol, from foods derived of animal products such as, milk, cheese, eggs, beef, etc. There is some evidence that consuming foods which contain saturated fats may in fact increase testosterone levels.

All bodybuilders wishing to gain mass should know about EFA’s or essential fatty acids and how important EFA’s are to reaching your goals. Are you trying to add more muscle mass? If so then you should look at how much fat you are consuming. If you have been trying to build muscle mass and aren’t getting the desired results, then it’s time to incorporate more essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids or EFA’s have positive effects on anabolism and much more. Despite popular belief, if you are wanting to bulk up, instead of increasing your protein intake and decreasing your fat, you could increase your EFA’s, which has been shown to be highly effective.

A resource list of foods that contain large quantities of the Omega class of fatty acids, or EFA’s should be organized. But for Omega 3 fatty acid, you can get a rich source in cold water fish as well as other foods. Many oils have Omega 6 fatty acids including safflower, sunflower and evening primrose oils. Almost any kind of supplement can be found in a variety of grades. So be sure you store any type of oil supplement at the proper temperature. Some oils will retain their potency with less likelihood of going rancid too fast under proper light conditions.

In spite of what your aspirations are, bodybuilding can be a satisfying sport. Your work will be totally lined up for you if you would like to contend in an upper level. However you can cause your results to be more notable and easier to attain if you make it a point to get the precise sorts of fats in your diet every day. The amount of fat you consume on a daily basis is very important, so it is essential that you pay attention to your attempts. This is additionally an area where you can perfect your nutritional obligations by being precise in the kinds of fats you do eat.

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