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How Cigarette Smoking Affects Life In More Ways Than One

December 6th, 2011 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Not many of us are often classified as ultimately selfish, at least outwardly. All of us want to live life in harmony and fit in to the society around us and do not like to be known as a person who bucks the trend. Somebody who’s selfish is soon alienated and finds that he or she won’t have as many friends or acquaintances as might otherwise be the case. Yet, if you are a woman who’s a habitual smoker and are pregnant, you’re putting in danger an developing fetus. If this isn’t the ultimate definition of being selfish, I have no idea what is.

Statistics demonstrate that women possess a higher likelihood of issues than men in relation to smoking in several areas. To provide an example, if you are using birth control pills that allows you to ensure that you won’t become pregnant, that you smoke could place you at much greater risk for stroke or stroke, based on a statistical analysis of men and women in your position. Because smoking affects one’s body in many different ways, you might also find yourself miscarrying the baby or give birth to a child who is premature. Premature babies as we know have got a larger likelihood of dying in the short term, or may grow up to have developmental problems and associated health worries.

It’s understandable if you are conscious that your child would develop certain illness or may not survive as a result of your habits, stopping smoking is definitely at the top of your list at this point. However, we tend to believe these things simply happen to others and somehow or other justify our actions in this way.

Should we become more worried about the danger to our own health instead? As inconceivable as it may seem that some women simply choose to continue smoking when they are planning a family as well, maybe they should be concentrating on some statistics released by the US Centre For Disease Control And Prevention. If they don’t quit smoking, females will, on average, lose 14 1/2 years of their life for this reason senseless addiction. Actually, men don’t fare much better either as they are estimated to lose an average of 13.2 years of life. It’s also very likely that the death will be caused by a disease or illness that’s very unpleasant and therefore, their later years of life is probably not worth living in many respects. As you get older and find you have failed to quit smoking you will notice that you actually are limited to what you’re really capable to achieve. You may possibly not manage to move around without assistance, might have to carry oxygen bottles and equipment along with you everywhere and depend upon people to care for you.

Which kind of quality of life is that after all? Nobody should subject themselves to this particular kind of future, nor should they subject their unborn children by neglecting to tackle a situation that simply needs to be addressed.

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