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Human Growth Hormones - Should You Obtain HGH Supplementation Or HGH Releasers?

August 9th, 2011 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Very recently, there’s been a whole lot of focus on human growth hormones or HGH being a supplement that’s supposedly capable of making one look more youthful than his / her years. Some promoters of HGH products even claim that this anti-aging hormone can halt aging. That isn’t totally true as there is nothing on this planet that will stop you from growing older. It has been observed in studies and experiments however, that a rise in one’s HGH production through the adult years can, in reality, stall but not stop premature aging.

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone released via the pituitary gland in animals and at the centre of all human hormone generation. Due to the growth processes that transpire over the adolescent phase, human growth hormone production stretches to its peak during puberty. Soon after, production is at a downtrend, progressively weakening as we all get to our elderly years.

Between the ages of twenty-one and sixty the amount of human growth hormone circulating in our bodies diminishes by 80%. It becomes worse with age and by the time you are about 80, HGH production is close to nil or at remarkably very low levels.

Human growth hormone clinical tests conducted during the last 30 years have revealed that raising levels of HGH can bring about an amazing list of changes in the body. Some of these include: losing fat, muscle development, improving sexual efficiency, building immune function and reducing wrinkles.

Now that you know of the benefits of enhanced HGH in your body, don’t race off to obtain all those HGH supplements being promoted in the market. You need to fully grasp one crucial fact about HGH. You can’t enhance levels of HGH by switching your diet because it is a hormone generated by one’s body and not some type of nutrient available in foods. In order to boost the level of HGH in your body you have 2 options - human growth hormone injections or natural supplements (herbal releasers) that stimulate your body to produce more HGH.

Human growth hormones in injectable form is very expensive. It can cost a person about 15 thousand dollars to obtain a year’s supply of these hormones to bring about the said advantages. Your better substitute then could be to opt for HGH releasers or boosters that can induce your system to secrete more of the HGH hormone. It can benefit you to educate yourself regarding growth hormones.

Growth hormone production is modulated by many factors, which includes stress, exercise, food intake, rest and growth hormone itself. Taking HGH boosters in addition to these proposed lifestyle steps will result in enhanced general wellness, less anxiety and depressive states, fat cells in your body being replaced with lean muscle mass and more supple and younger looking skin after a few months of HGH treatment. We propose you take a look at Gen f20 to find out about one of the most recommended natural HGH boosters currently offered out there.

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