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In This Article I Will Be Looking At The Stop Smoking Today Plan

August 21st, 2011 · No Comments · Build Muscle

There are huge numbers of people all over the world who smoke cigarettes. Plus a good majority of these people took up smoking when they had been in their teens. Out of all of these men and women you will find that most of them want to quit, but at the same time these people don’t have the will power. And smoking is so addicting that it is actually impossible for some people to quit smoking with out some type of out side help. That is why we will be taking a look at the “Stop Smoking Today” system.

The 98% success rate of this program is the very first thing you will find out about once you visit their site. You may be surprised to uncover that this success rate is much greater than just about any other stop smoking method, including the patch and those other drugs. In order to determine the success rate of this program they took 5, 000 men and women and had them all use this program to see the amount of people this would work for. Following the first month, 99. 7% of the men and women in the test group were smoke free. Then right after Six months the percentage decreased to 97. 2%. Consequently from those 5, 000 men and women 4, 860 were able to stop smoking using this program. For anybody familiar with the averages of people who try to stop smoking you will see that these numbers are genuinely amazing.

If you have ever attempted to quit smoking you may have tried prescription medicine or gum or even the patch only to discover that these items didn’t help you quit. The largest problem with all these other techniques is that they don’t stop the urges. These products and drugs have worked for a lot of men and women, but they are not that effective because while they could lessen the cravings, the urges are still there. This can be the biggest reason why many individuals who try quiting using these methods fail.

Rob Mellor is the designer of this program and it is so effective because it uses NLP therapy that he just happens to be an expert in. The program will only take you 38 minutes and 13 seconds to kick the smoking habit. I am sure you realize that not every person will be able to quit after using this program just once, so for a few people you may need to use this program daily until your smoking urges are gone. You must recognize that not every individual is the same and some men and women will obviously need more sessions than other people.

Another thing you will learn about this program is that it also deals with the side effects that many men and women have to deal with when they quit smoking. Having a short temper as well as mood swings and putting on pounds are some of the common side effects that people have to deal with when they stop smoking. But when you use this system you will not have to deal with any of those side effects.

This system itself comes as an instant download so you can begin using this program as soon as you purchase it. Even though the program costs $47 dollars, when you figure it out you will end up saving cash on the first carton of smokes you’ll not have to purchase. And you will additionally be pleased to know that if this program doesn’t do the job, you have a full 60 day, no questions asked cash back guarantee. Therefore if it doesn’t do the job, you receive your money back.

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