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Personal Fitness Near Liverpool Street Station

July 22nd, 2010 · No Comments · Build Muscle

In this brief article you will discover the best/greatest choice for finding a personal trainer in Liverpool Street. Chris Hines is an experienced strength coach located close to Liverpool Street. He is primarily based close to Tower 42 just down the road from Liverpool Street station in the City of London. Hines has been operating in the area for nearly 10 years and has worked with hundreds of executives from the nearby area. Specialising in weight reduction and aerobic fitness Hines is a big believer in challenging coaching for maximum benefits. His training methodology is born out of his own experience in elite sport and martial arts where he utilized intense coaching strategies to develope effective performances in both disciplines.

A great lover of running, Hines utilizes numerous running routines including tempo training and interval training to boost his client’s cardiovascular fitness. He also works with triathletes and marathon runners and employs many of these methods. Along with cardiovascular fitness, Hines stresses the importance of resistance training to his endurance athletes. He believes many of his endurance athletes get injured due to the fact they are just not sturdy enough to cope with the rigours of their sport. By implementing a basic strength training programme into their exercises he not only improves their performances but also significantly reduces their incidence of injury.

Hines utilizes simple workout routines like squats and lunges for the legs and body weight exercises like push ups and pull ups for the upper body to get his clients results. He also encourages his clients to focus on improving their core strength as it is crucial to any endurance sport athlete. Again basic exercises on a cable machine or a Swiss Ball are pivotal to effective core conditioning.

Along with conditioning his numerous clients in the City, he also specialises in injury rehab, not only for athletes but also for non-athletes. Once again he believes basic weakness and lack of core strength contribute to a great deal of many injuries but also stresses that poor posture and inflexibility are just as big a reason. “Most of my clients sit at a desk all day and have terrible posture, they are also incredibly tight in the hips and hamstrings which can put undue pressure on the low back,” Hines goes on to say.

To address this he utilizes a number of stretching and flexibility drills along with postural exercises which are relatively simple to do and can often be carried out at home. He believes most people could benefit from an individualised flexibility programme and makes sure all his clients receive one during their work with him.

Hines always assesses his new clients thoroughly before prescribing a bespoke exercise solution to help each client accomplish their objectives. He is currently offering all new clients a complimentary physical evaluation for the next month which has a value of ?47. If you are interested in reserving your complimentary evaluation or out more about Chris Hines Personal Training then visit his fitness website.

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