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Prolong the Life of Your Home Fitness Equipment With Fitness Equipment Maintenance Tips

May 10th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Many individuals are now preferring to work out in the privacy of their own abodes so it is no longer considered surprising that a lot of people are now also starting to invest on home gym equipment. While it is great to have a home gym set up, all too often we neglect to care for our equipment like we should. Not enjoying the maximum use of an expensive equipment is entirely pointless. There are just those, however, who are just not knowledgeable enough when it comes to taking care of their home gyms. Given that fitness equipment maintenance is of utmost importance, provided in this article are some advice on how to prolong the shelf life of your equipments like multi-gyms, exercise bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines.

Some of the first things that you have to consider are the bacteria, germs, and dust building up in your fitness equipment. It should be washed down using a bleach solution which has been diluted, or you may use disinfectant intended for a commercial fitness facility. Since the handlebars of the machine are the ones that accumulate the most bacteria, they should be the ones that should be washed or wiped after every use. Dust is also a major factor in terms of fitness equipment maintenance since it can negatively affect the inner-working of your equipment. Wiping the surface and gears of the machine using a dampened cloth can prevent dust build up. Using an equipment mat can also lessen the amount of dust build-up in your machine.

The small and essential components of the equipment should also be checked. It is also highly essential to regularly check the screws, bolts, nuts, and loose nuts of your machine every month. Ensuring the status of these parts can help you avoid accidents especially when you are running top speed on your equipment.

You can also know if your machine has a problem if it is producing some unusual noises. Listen to it closely and identify where the sound is coming from. Instead of trying to fix it on your own, try to call an expert if you think there is a problem with your equipment to ensure proper fitness equipment maintenance.

Testing of all the functions of the machine such as its resistance levels, incline, speeds, and various programmes should be done every 2 months. Checking if the machine’s cables are frayed or stretched out of shape is also very essential.

If you use or maintain your equipment properly, then there is a lesser chance of your ruining or destroying it. Considering the investment, you should never neglect practicing good fitness equipment maintenance. Take care of yourself by taking care of your machine.

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