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Promising Options For Low Discomfort Cosmetic Mole Removal

July 12th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Mole removal surgery is usually a simple procedure, but many people are still worried about how much pain they will experience if they decide to have it done. It’s no wonder many people want to choose the procedure that offers the quickest recovery and most importantly, the least amount of pain. When people consider any type of surgery, they may be nervous about the outcome. You’ll be happy to note that there are easier ways to have your moles removed today.

A very common method these days is to have the moles frozen off. The procedure is not very involved at all. The idea is to kill the cells using some liquid nitrogen. This procedure is relatively painless and the patient feels only a small stinging sensation. Local anesthesia is usually given before the therapy begins.

It is a method that people choose because they don’t experience nearly as much pain as compared to the traditional mole removal surgery. Surgical techniques are increasing being executed without the need to cut the skin. During the 3 week recovery time, your doctor might recommend that you use some over the counter medicine to manage minor pain. During this time, the mole will form a blister that will fall off. In the rare event that a scar is left behind, it will be very minimal and difficult to notice.

As explained at mole removal, laser therapy is another rather painless way to go. Laser therapy just uses intense light on your mole and thereby breaks up the pigment. When that is done, your body begins to work on absorbing the smaller pigment fragments. This will lighten the color and over time the mole will reduce until it eventually disappears completely. The treatment has to be repeated a few times during the following weeks in order for it to work properly.

But, on the upside, you won’t need anesthetics for it and the pain is compared to an insect bite. It’s great to have different options, and of course the ultimate choice will be up to you and your doctor. But, don’t be frightened of a long, and painful mole removal surgery; if it’s something you’ve been thinking about, you’ll be happy you moved forward.

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