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The Correct Way To Utilize Resistance Bands As Part Of Your Exercise Sessions

November 16th, 2011 · No Comments · Build Muscle

So many people are not often sure what resistance bands do when it comes to resistance training. Resistance bands can be one of the recommended solutions to do strength and fitness workout anywhere as they do not feature the inconveniences normally connected to gym equipment or free weights. Or in case you are away on vacation or on a business trip, and can’t do your standard workouts at a health and fitness center or your home gym, you can take along a few resistance bands as a way for you to work out wherever you happen to be.

How resistance bands do the job to develop strength and muscle mass tissues is really very simple. You basically just have to pull on the bands and amount of resistance increases as they stretch. This resistance gives a progressive stimulus to the muscles to generate strength and help enhance lean muscle mass.Exercise routines are more functional and beneficial because band resistance training (BRT) can work on either single or many different muscles and joints at the same time. With standard exercises devices and hand weights, gravity is the force opposing the weights, and in most cases the user is limited to one particular exercise per device.

Resistance bands offer a range of moves and workouts that target different muscle tissues in the body. For example, you could do a chest press where you need only to slip the band round a pole or a rail behind you. To achieve this, be sure the band is around chest level with substantive space between you and the rod or rail so you obtain the best resistance. Be sure that elbows are parallel to the ground for this particular routine.

You can also use the resistance band in a rowing exercise routine. Much like how you have set the bands for the chest press, turn about and face the pole or rail instead and grasp each side of the band in your hands. Now pull it making sure you use your shoulder and rear muscles - the motion is equivalent to that one you would do when rowing a kayak.

For developing the arms, you might like to check out the resistance band with bicep curls. Get on the band with both feet and with the band gripped on both hands, curl your hands up like you would do with dumbbells. This works in a similar fashion as a hand weights workout will. To mimic workouts with bulkier hand weights, simply spread the feet a bit further away from each other to create more resistance, hence more weight.

Workout lines offer you the perfect comfort of performing strength and resistance training any place since they’re quite compact and portable, leaving you no reason to postpone exercise when you take a trip. Check out these resistance band exercise videos to obtain the most out of muscle firming and resistance training with your resistance bands.

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