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The Most User Friendly Rowing Fitness Equipment

April 13th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

This piece of fitness equipment is something that is not your typical treadmill, elliptical machine, or rower. The name of this particular machine is Water Rower with S4 monitor that offers high quality exercise effciency, a trait that is not commonly provided by run of the mill fitness machines in the market.

One feature that can be considered proof about the quality of this fitness equipment is its advanced monitor. The users can immediately start their workout sessions by pressing the button on its S4 monitor with a QuickStart function. The monitor displays the workout intensity in meters per second (m/s), miles per hour (mph), per five hundred meters, and per two kilometers. The user’s weight and theoretical calories burned of the user is also provided by this machine. It also displays other important information such as distance covered in meters and kilometers, heart rate, stroke rate, and total strokes made by the person during the workout .

Other high quality features are also added into this machine. Some examples are the QuickStart Feature which can be switched on and off and the QuickSelect Feature which gives the users the chance to access different applications through the navigation key and button. Its AutoStore feature also allows the user to recall the last nine workouts done while its AutoPreview function can also be easily quickloaded and used as a base workout. One simply needs to scroll the LED to find and identify the information of a certain workout. There is also a Zone Feature that sets the machine on its desired intensity level and the stroke rate or heart rate is maintained via a quick alarm which goes off whenever a user falls below the zone settings.

Other information settings for this fitness equipment includes the Distance Workout Feature that sets the desired distance traveled and also provides the workout statistics and the completion time of the user. The Duration Workout Feature, on the other hand, sets a desired time frame that winds down to zero and also provides average workout information. There is also what is called the Interval Workout Feature which is a pre-programmed regimen which comes with cool down periods. All this information can then be synchronized with the computer through the PC Interface hookup.

The WaterRower S4 machine is truly one of the best rowing exercise machines in the industry when it comes to features. This machine makes use of a water flywheel for resistance which mimics the water exercise for the workout routines. For their safety, the flywheel which provides the smooth, self-regulated, and quiet resistance workout is enclosed in a water tank. Just like when rowing in the water, the higher the paddle rate, the higher the drag and the eventual resistance of this machine. Moreover, the longer and lower the user’s paddle rate, the lesser the resistance they will experience.

Clearly, this rowing fitness equipment With the help of the S4 monitor of this machine, anyone will surely meet their fitness goals and objectives.

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