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The Right Way To Lose Weight

February 10th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Discussing the subject of weight loss makes numerous men and women uncomfortable. Normally this is down to them having tried many different things to lose weight, but ultimately they don’t succeed.

Typically they fail due to the fact that they get confused by all of the information available giving advice on how to lose weight. One day they may read that a special niche loss pill will do magic, the following day they read that these pills are useless and exercising is the most effective approach.

You must continue with a weight loss plan over time if you want to achieve good results. Lots of men and women assume that they can just go on some form of crash diet for a week or two and lose all of their weight. This is not the way to lose weight because any weight loss during short term dieting is due to water loss and not body fat loss. If you wish to lose fat pounds, then the most effective way is going to be over a longer time period. You may discover that a diet that is very strict in what you can and can’t consume will be hard to stick with for any length of time. The monotony of a strict diet may cause you to rebel and begin consuming the ‘wrong’ foods maybe in binge amounts. You’ll then begin to get misgivings about having started the program in the first place and wonder if you can stick it out. At this point, numerous people will fall by the wayside and quit or compromise the program and not lose a lot of weight.

There’s a simple thing that’s said when it comes to shedding off the pounds: burn more calories than you consume. The downside is that you should monitor your calorie intake which means working out the values for every food item you consume each day. What’s more, the calorific values of many foods are not quite the same so that 100 cals of fruit is equal to 100 cals of milk chocolate. Several foods are low in calories but low in nutrients too (empty calories). Try to avoid these and eat nutrient dense foods that tend to be natural and unprocessed such as chicken, fish and fruits. You might assume that keeping away from all fat when you’re on a diet is necessary but this is not the case. You can still consume things like some nuts and avocado that have essential fatty acids which are called healthy fats. It will make it a lot simpler to stick with a weight loss diet long term if you keep off boring and bland foods. A good motivator to go on is to select healthy foods that are enjoyable to prepare and consume. Salmon, green vegetables and salads, fresh fruits etc are examples of nutritious foods that both look and taste yummy.

We’ve looked at the calorie consumption but what about burning more calories? Well, this is the reason you must not overlook exercise as part of your weight loss diet program. Exercise will increase your metabolism, in addition to promoting muscle strength. Muscle mass burns more calories than fat mass, so this is crucial because it’ll help you to burn even more calories. You can do anything, from brisk walking in the park or on a treadmill to merely strolling. Whatever you do just make it pleasurable, otherwise you won’t stick to it.

Keep in mind that with the correct mental approach and the right weight loss program, you can carry out long term, fat loss isn’t going to be that difficult.

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