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The Rowing Fitness Equipment for the Beginners

March 13th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

Despite of the fact that Vision Fitness is still technically new in the industry of manufacturing rowing machines, their good record with their fitness equipment makes the rowing creations of this brand worth a second look. The company was capable of breaking free from their neophyte standing with the help from the good reviews they received from the AR700 Air Rowing Machine which made them known as one of the best manufacturers of rowing gym equipment for the home.

One of the best features of this equipment is its LCD console which provides all the important exercise information . The watts produced, heart rate, stroke count, distance traveled, and time elapsed are just some of the examples of the important information provided on the two LCD console. This machine makes use of a resistance system called ECB which is manually controlled by a Poly V Coil Spring Belt System.

The second one is the set up of the aluminum guard rail. The seat of this rowing machine runs on the guard rails during the rowing exercise movement. The whole frame is built from heavy gauge steel that provides stability and durability during the long hours of workouts on the machine. The dimension of this model is 102 inches in height, 56 inches in width, and 269 inches in length. The maximum user weight this machine can accommodate is 180 kilograms .

This commercial standard fitness equipment offers to its users a good rowing experience even though they are only at home . As this is an air rower, this machine uses its very own ECB system as its source of resistance during the exercise. Now, users can get a complete workout experience from this air rower system without actually needing to undergo the stress caused by the rowing handle’s pulleys. This machine also offers the Training and Racing mode programs. This machine provides the users a quiet, smooth, yet high intensity workout through its magnetic resistance powered resistance system and its console runs via two AA batteries.

The pushing off from the footplate function of this machine gives a conditioning and toning workout for the calf muscles, large leg muscle groups, and feet. By pulling on the rower of this machine, moreover, the upper arms, shoulders, hands, forearms, and back muscles are exercised. Because the user exercises in the sitting position, the spine and back muscles are also saved from receiving too much impact.

This quality rowing fitness equipment from Vision Fitness can truly provide a full workout to its users. This company which was first established in Wisconsin started as a mere division of the Trek Bicycle Company before it expanded into the Trek Fitness Company. The company kept their expertise in making high-quality bicycles when they started to expand in creating treadmills, trainers, bicycles, and other fitness machines. Its AR700 air rowing machine is just another addition to the company’s success when it comes to creating exercise equipments with good construction and design. From its humble beginnings, the company has truly evolved into one of the most in demand and leading exercise machine manufacturers in the country.

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