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Three Benefits Of Smart Liposuction

October 17th, 2012 · No Comments · Build Muscle

For many people, smart lipo is a great substitute for conventional liposuction. Using this method, laser technology is employed in order to remove fatty tissue from the patient. A smart lipo procedure fits the needs of a diverse group of patients. Women who want to shed weight from their pregnancies can benefit from smart lipo, as well as people who have not been successful in losing weight through conventional means, and anyone else who is not happy with their current weight.

The amount of time required for healing is a major advantage of smart lipo. Ordinary liposuction can take months to fully heal depending on the degree of fat removed. You can get more insight into this at the London thermage clinic. Since smart lipo implores the use of a laser instead of traditional scalpel and suction techniques, the recovery is also much less painful. With this method, fatty tissues are actually destroyed, rather than merely vacuumed away. Furthermore, this method results in skin tightening, instead of causing loosening of the skin after the procedure. This benefit is quite attractive for patients who don’t want to wait to look their best. Furthermore, this method actually minimizes stretch marks. Scarring and bruising can also be significantly reduced.

Also, the savings associated with this method are a big plus. On average, the price of a smart lipo procedure runs about $5,000. While many regular liposuction treatments start around $5,000, they generally get upwards of the $10,000 range if not more. For individuals with limited or tight finances, smart lipo makes the most sense. Let’s face it, not everyone can easily shell out $10,000 for a cosmetic procedure. The cost for smart lipo is much more reasonable.

Smart lipo can also target specific body areas more effectively than traditional methods. The laser technology used with this method does a superior and more precise job of targeting problem areas. You can learn more about modern liposuction methods at the wimpole vaser liposuction site. Patients sometimes have accumulations of fat in places that are more inaccessible and potentially more painful. The back of the neck, under the chin, and under the armpit are good examples of these areas. These tricky areas are more problematic with regular liposuction. Also, a local anesthetic is administered for the procedure. Regular liposuction is performed using a general anesthesia that can cause illness and vomiting. Not becoming nauseated on top of the possible pain is a plus.

No procedure is universally advisable for all cases; however, smart lipo makes sense for many patients. Without shelling out an enormous amount of money, you can get virtually the same results if not better. If the chance to save is not that important to you, you’ll probably appreciate the reduction in discomfort with this method. Regular procedures can eliminate fat cells, but at the price of pain that must be endured long afterward.

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